Pinky’s Second Birthday at Seaport Village

2012 has flown by so quickly. We just celebrated Pinky’s Half Birthday. I never even had the chance to write about her actual second birthday. The day she turned 24 months 🙂

We decided to celebrate lightly with an intimate breakfast at our favorite family hangout Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego down at Seaport Village. We have really grown to love this area. We enjoyed all of Pinky’s favorite things with the entire family. Here’s a fun photo documentary of what went on that day. It’s nice to look back and see all the fun we had celebrating with you on her special day!

We started out with an overload of the most important meal of the day at Lael’s Restaurant at Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego! Here is where you had cake #1 with a side of M&M’s!

We stopped by the cow at Ben & Jerry’s for a quick photo opp!

We watched silly magic tricks and fire eaters eat fire!

You love making wishes! You are so cute when you do it too! This day, you made a lot of them!

Pinky’s First Birthday theme was Sesame Street. She loves her some Elmo, so it was only natural for her to get an Elmo balloon. He lasted quite a while too!

Tattoos…you love them! It’s so fitting that all these fun activities are all in one place. Papa gave you money to get two glitter tattoos. You got your usual turtle on your left, and added a pretty heart on your right.

You sure take tattoos seriously!

Mommy and Pinky on the carousel ride! Mommy and Daddy were laughing at grandma because she couldn’t get a good picture!

Pinky blowing out cake #2 at Ma and Papa’s house ! You love Hello Kitty!

She got to open a lot of gifts left over from Christmas since she got sick during the holidays.

At the end of the day, you spent time with those who matter most, family! I love the days where we can just hang out and explore Seaport Village, drag out feet, ride the carousel and get a glitter tattoo… whether just because or because it’s your birthday!

I love you baby girl. You’re growing way too fast for Mommy!

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  1. she’s growing up so fast!!!! she’s starting to call me “Amber” now no more “Berr Berr” or “Aburr” :/ slow down on growing nana rae! haha

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