Happy 5 Year Wedding Anniversary to Mommy & Daddy

Oct 20, 11 Happy 5 Year Wedding Anniversary to Mommy & Daddy

Five years flew by so fast. I don’t have much to say, other than…I love you my dear husby! I am looking forward to spending a the rest of my years with you!

I wanted to look back and see what we have done to celebrate over the years…here’s a brief timeline!

2007 – A month long trip to the Philippines and dinner at Bali Hai where we got married!

2008 – 5 Day Carnival Cruise to the Mexican Riviera and dinner at Jack’s La Jolla (which I think no longer exists).

2009 – More like a Baby Moon – Staycation in Shelter Island – celebrating with our unborn child. We treated each other to dinner at Cohen Restaurants unplanned and explored the Cabrillo Monument! There were late night cravings!

2010Urban Solace for some comfort food! Our first year celebrating as parents!

2011 – Finally a night alone at the Manchester Grand Hyatt and Sally’s Seafood for dinner! Pinky’s having a sleepover, on purpose this time!

I was feeling bad that we weren’t able to go on a big trip this year, but I am extremely grateful to be treated by the Manchester Grand Hyatt. Nothing beats that. Last week a friend of ours celerbrated their 5 yeat anniversary as well. She surprised her husband with a cruise! He had no idea until it was time to go! Sweet. I must admit, we are in no place to be that adventurous, but I am I glad that we did get o experience a few big trips before we had Pinky.

Just as an FYI, here are the traditional, modern and travel gift suggestions, according to About.com, all of which neither of us are getting!

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Wood
Modern Anniversary Gift: Silverware
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Airline TicketsCruise

I used to be so good at following this. Oh well, sharing Pinky, having a roof over our heads, and having each other to lean on is gift enough for me!

Leave it to my mommy blogger friends to give me the craziest ideas for budget friendly and DIY gifts. More on that later, maybe! I really just want to enjoy this time with my husband, without thinking about working, blogging, or bills. We desperately need this time together to relax, celebrate and reconnect. This is going to be out date night of the year!

I do pray Pinky feels better for her sleepover, she’s catching a little cold. Hoping to send her off feeling well.

Happy Anniversary Dear Daddy! I love you, in spite of all the wrong in this world, you make things right! I LOVE YOU and I THANK GOD for YOU!

Please leave a comment and share what cool things have you done to celebrate your undying love for your spouse? This will help us better prepare for 2012!

P.s. Pray with my and cross your fingers that mother nature does not pay me a visit this weekend. Thank you 😉

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    happy 5th Anniversary Q’s..you both are truely an ispiration to all married couples and as parents… have fun! love you both!!

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