Dear Pinky | Happy 20 Months

Sep 19, 11 Dear Pinky | Happy 20 Months

I just wrote you a letter saying, “happy belated 19 months!” Time is really slipping from me, but when I look back on all the fun photos everyone has taken of you, I can almost always remember what you were doing and where we were. You have a way with me Pinky. You consume my thoughts daily!

Mommy tries really hard to make sure we do something a little special on the 14th of every month to celebrate your birthday…the day you were born. Really, everyday is a reason to celebrate! This month, you turned the big 2-0! 20 months! I can definitely see the changes now — in your character, in your face, personality. You are becoming your own person everyday.

At this age, I have to be careful who our circle of influence is, because you are in that mimicking stage. Your vocabulary has expanded, you are able to pick up sign language faster, and you are just bursting with energy. You are such a GIRL! You might see me shaking my head, but inside, I love it! I usually turn my head and giggle just a bit.

You experienced a couple firsts this month: blackout and bowling! We’ll talk about blackouts later!

This month we had the opportunity to bowl for free during an event for mommy bloggers. Just one of the many perks of mommy gets for being your mommy and a writer! The event was held at Mira Mesa Lanes, and you my dear got to bowl for the first time. We were fortunate to have Grandma with us, but really wish Daddy could have been there too. I was surprised that they even had shoes your size, it was cute.

Here you are with Grandma pushing your first bowling ball using the ‘bowling aid,’ too cute! You’re a natural.

Here you are watching the ball roll down the lane…

You really had a good time, expect you weren’t too excited about King Pin making an appearance. You got over it, and by the end of the afternoon you were running around the bowling alley with one of the Socal Kids! I was so happy that you were interacting with him and actually sharing your toys with him.

Later on that evening you had your cake and ate it too, mostly just the frosting!

I enjoy reflecting on these times with you Pinky. It warms my heart and keeps me on my toes. I am super blessed and I would not trade where I am today for anything in this world. I know one day you will enjoy these public happy birthday messages, so I’ll continue to write them. I love you.


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    I think it’s awesome that you write these messages to her every month! I take a picture of Some Boy each week (20 and counting…)

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    Aww…thank you! I used to write in a journal religiously, but I found it easier to blog! Some Boy is getting so big, and he is super cute. I’m glad we got to see each other at Mira Mesa Lanes. So, I take a lot of pictures too, but NEVER print. You?

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    Auntie Didi /

    Aw! Her bowling shoes are so cute! Everything about Nana is so cute! I can’t believe she’s growing so fast!

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    She is growing so fast! We must plan a family bowling activity soon! Thank you for all your help 😉

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    Looks like she had a fun 20 month birthday. i cant believe she will b 2 in a couple months, as your mother would say “she is still a baby.” :)

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    She will always be MY baby :) LOL!

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