2010 – The year of a LOVE we never knew existed

Jan 12, 11 2010 – The year of a LOVE we never knew existed

Happy New Year!

2010 was a wonderful year that will never be too far from our hearts! It was truly a year of new experiences, new challenges, new joys, new pains, new discoveries and new frustrations…I’m in no way being negative when I point out the pains and frustrations, I’m just being real. Through it all, Pinky has brought Daddy and I closer together, and I believe we have devloped a greater respect for one another’s roles as not only parents, but husband and wife!

Although we just celebrated the New Year of 2011, we have yet another New Year to celebrate! The First Birthday of our beautiful daughter, Alana Rae, better known to you as Pinky! She has literally turned our lives upside down, inside and out, and we have loved every moment of it!

Pinky is the reason we experienced late nights and early mornings, disagreements over parenting skills, back aches from breastfeeding, heart aches from seeing her in pain, going without a shower for days, a lack in intimacy, finding out we ran out of underwear way too late, seeing our parent’s in a way we have NEVER seen them before, God’s serenity, forgiveness and love, reflections of ourselves – past, present and future – and most importantly the experience of falling in love everyday with a little girl whom God allowed us to create.  There is something unexplainable about being a parent and having your children need you so much that just warms the heart and sometimes makes you cry tears of joy.  I hope you will all experience it one day soon.

Being a parent your children become your first priority, I have always know that, but this past year I have learned how to do that. Pinky has taught me so much about life and even about myself. She keeps me on my toes and helps me hold my tongue.  She’s made me stronger, helped me to realize that perfection s over-rated, it’s okay to get messy, and the little things in life are really the big things in life.  A sweet smile, a little hand tugging at your pant leg or gently brushing your cheek, her little laugh – all the things that matter most to me now.

We will never forget the moments of our first born.  And we look forward to celebrating another New Year with her this week. And we are not only looking forward to seeing her grow into a beautiful lady, but we also accept the new challenges we will face in 2011!

Cheers to a healthy, happy and successful New Year to all!

I’m planning on a Pinky 365 beginning Friday, January 14th – Pinky’s First Birthday so be on the look out!

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