Dear Pinky…I love you

Dear Pinky, I love you so much. You are growing way to fast for me to keep up with. Every day I am amazed at how much you learn, love and grow. You are such a smart girl. I truly cherish every waking and sleeping moment with you. I am so blessed to have you in my life. It has been a challenge for me to adjust to being a mother and a...

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Pertussis a.k.a. Whooping Cough: Half a Dozen New Cases in San Diego, prevent your child from being next

There have been several outbreaks of whooping cough here in San Diego. Just recently there were six cases reported on Wednesday, August 11, according to the news on Fox 5 San Diego. Children between 0-12 months are most at risk. I didn’t mention this in our post about Pinky’s First trip to the ER, but the doctor really...

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Counting Our Blessings at another visit to the Hospital

Good news to report: Pinky’s burn is healing well and she has nothing more than the common cold. She had a surprise visit from Mr. Needle and this time she cried for the first time. It was worth waiting  nearly two hours to make sure she was okay. Although it turned out to be a long day, Daddy and I found every reason to be...

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Breakthrough Discovery: Me as Mommy

Aug 09, 10 Breakthrough Discovery: Me as Mommy

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I’m always browsing around the web for inspiration whether it’s for something to write about, a project, anything. Yesterday I came across this photo from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out a company dedicated to inspiring its members by creating kits for more efficient scrapbooking allowing scrapbookers to focus on the...

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Baby Sign Language – Week 4

Pinky and the Parentals are taking it easy this weekend. This means we missed Baby Sign Language -Week 4! We just want Pinky to feel better. Thankfully there will be makeup classes available. This week we missed out on a fun session, signs for animals. Since we are continuing to sign to Pinky everyday I Googled ‘ASL sign for...

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