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By now you might have guessed I really enjoy writing. I’ve had the opportunity to write and present on multiple platforms on a variety of topics. Check out some of the people and publications I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with, and watch a few of my news segments if you feel so inclined.

Columns & Guest Blogs


Brands With Fans Blog While working at Fandom Marketing, a boutique social marketing agency I had the pleasure of managing the company blog. In addition to managing the blog I also wrote articles about social marketing trends, blogging, social media and event marketing. Check out my collection.

Celebrate Creatively for San Diego Bargain Mama When I first started blogging, this was my first column where I was a regular contributor. In this column I inspired moms to celebrate creatively, encouraged them to enjoy the little things, and explore San Diego while saving money. Learn more at San Diego Bargain Mama.

SD Mom’s Night Out Here I write about ways moms can enjoy a night out, or in. I also review different places in San Diego I think moms might enjoy including restaurants, spas and events. Did I mention, I’m also the founder?

Dance and Company Blog Pinky has been taking ballet since she was two and a half at Dance & Company in San Diego. I’ve always had a great relationship with the studio, they’re like family. Now, I write articles for their blog about sharing tips and encouragement for dance moms, and dads! Here are some articles you might enjoy. A lot of them transfer to any parent who’s kids are in any sport or extracurricular activity. Enjoy!

Tips for a Successful Production Experience
7 Reasons Meeting Other Dance Moms (and Dads) is Important
11 Reasons Parents Should Be Thankful for Dance
Ways to Motivate an Unmotivated Dancer
7 Items Your Little Dancer Needs in their Dance Bag

San Diego Date Night for the San Diego Examiner As you might know, I am all about date night. This column is pretty self explanatory.

Guest Blogs

A California ‘Saving’ Adventure

Easy Cheesy Enchilada Lasagna

Guide to San Diego for Couples

Spend Less TV

Using Content to Engage Your Customers and Ignite Your Business

Print, Speaking, TV Segments


Mira Mesa Living As a Mira Mesa resident I was excited to be able to write for our local community magazine. In addition, I also helped reach out to other moms in the community and encouraged them to write some editorial pieces. These are a few I’ve found.

Creative & Affordable Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day, Mira Mesa Living Jan/Feb 2013, page 13

3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Moms, Mira Mesa Living Mar/Apr 2013, page 11

Celebrate Mother’s Day with San Diego Mom’s Night Out, Mira Mesa Living May/June 2013, page 11

San Diego Magazine This was a huge deal for me. One of my Tweets mentioned and printed in San Diego Magazine’s Best Of San Diego 2011 Issue!







Women Inkorporated: Maximize Your Business With Creative Marketing & Social Media

Women Inkorporated: Moms in Business Panel Discussion

Mira Mesa High School Event Marketing and Event Planning Program, Jan 2014



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