How do you choose the right Godparents?

Choosing the right Godparents takes a lot more than Bibidi Bobidi Boo! I wish it were that easy. I have nothing against those who choose a football team of sponsors or Godparents for their children. I guess the advantage of having a larger group of Godparents leaves room for backup and support among one another. I truly feel that...

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The Potty Project

So it’s only been a week since Pinky has been truly interested in using the potty for it’s purpose! Heck, I barely posted Milestone Monday, A Potty for Pinky! Yesterday, she pooped, I will spare the graphics on this one, plus she made it to the potty to pee before having an accident. Here are the things that have...

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How to Turn a Terrible Two into a Terrific Two

I finally had the pleasure of meeting Sondra of Happy Healthy Hip Parenting after taking one of her workshops at Java Mama called, How to Turn a Terrible Two into a Terrific Two! Trust me, I needed to take it! I was so happy with the workshop for many reasons… Location: Perfect for me since Java Mama is less than 10 minutes...

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Nov 20, 10 Parenthood: PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE

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Another good episode this was…unfortunately, I had to enjoy it by myself since Daddy was super tired. From the website: Sarah lends Amber a helping hand, Kristina discovers an unexpected friendship while Joel and Crosby express their creative sides. …And that is actually enough summarizing for today! This time I watched...

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I’m a week behind and I had a week off! Anyway, this episode was really good. Here’s the short summary… From the website: Adam confronts a man in defense of Max. Crosby and Jasmine delve into domestic discussions, beginning with the selling of Crosby’s boat. The show starts out with an intense scene where...

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Swinging Around

Nov 03, 10 Swinging Around

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Pinky and I finally took a walk to the park. I’ve been so scared to walk anywhere, even around my own neighborhood. There have been so many crazy incidents in San Diego that involve shooting and killing. Don’t even get me started on the Chelsea King and Amber Dubois cases. Mommies, I know you feel me on this. I finally...

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