Dance & Company 7th Annual Summer Production | June 26, 2016

Apr 11, 16 Dance & Company 7th Annual Summer Production | June 26, 2016

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Four years of dance flew by! I cannot believe my growing little girl is going to perform in her fourth production at Dance & Company this summer. She’s proudly telling everyone that she’s going to be on stage yet again, and this time, two times! “I’m gonna be on stage two times!” This is the first year she’ll be...

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Milestone Monday: Pinky Signs I Love You

Sep 24, 12 Milestone Monday: Pinky Signs I Love You

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Pinky has always signed “i love you,” but recently she was able to sign it correctly. We were fortunate to have her baby sign language teacher, Joann Woolley of Sign4Baby catch it on camera! Here is Pinky signing “I love you” at Kidventures to celebrate #Sign4BabyTurns5 event! Photo courtesy of Joann...

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Milestone Monday | A Potty Just for Pinky

Mar 26, 12 Milestone Monday | A Potty Just for Pinky

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Last week, Daddy and I bought Pinky a book, A Potty Just for Me by Karen Katz. Originally we wanted to get a book that would tell her it’s okay to go number 2! She’s been withholding if you know what I mean. Ever since we got the book, Pinky has been asking us to read it to her multiple times a day. I was so excited and...

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Daddy, don’t do that!

Feb 14, 12 Daddy, don’t do that!

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Pinky has become quite the chatterbox! Her first four word phrase was, “Daddy, don’t do that!” back in January. She is so smart, repeating words, asking questions, putting more ideas and sentences together. We are beginning to understand each other more and communicate on a different level. We love her and cannot...

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Milestone Monday | Ready for the Potty?

You know your child is ready for potty training when… She sits on her little pink toilet, even with her pants and diaper on Makes a grunting noise, as if she’s pushing (don’t know where she got that idea from) Stands up, gets some toilet paper and wipes her butt, still with pants and diaper on I’ve read...

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Milestone Monday | She’s eating, she’s talking what’s next?

When your baby’s first word is MAMA…you’re heart melts. But when they start calling you, MOMMY! Oh my Lord, you just die! Pinky started calling me Mommy last week, and she sounds like such a big girl. I try to get her to say it in this video while she stuffs her face with noodles! She also says NO (her favorite...

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