First Day of School for Mommy

Aug 20, 12 First Day of School for Mommy

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I remember when the first day of school was exciting! I’m talking about high school and maybe your first year in college. Don’t you remember being filled with so many emotions? Feelings of butterflies in your stomach because your nervous or because you’re excited to see your summer love. Excited to show off those...

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The Potty Project

So it’s only been a week since Pinky has been truly interested in using the potty for it’s purpose! Heck, I barely posted Milestone Monday, A Potty for Pinky! Yesterday, she pooped, I will spare the graphics on this one, plus she made it to the potty to pee before having an accident. Here are the things that have...

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Win 2 Seats to the 90 Minute Sign4Baby Workshop at Kid Ventures Thursday, February 2nd

Jan 30, 12 Win 2 Seats to the 90 Minute Sign4Baby Workshop at Kid Ventures Thursday, February 2nd

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If you’ve been keeping up with Pinky you’ll know that she has a pretty good vocabulary in baby sign language! All thanks to the one and only, Joann Woolley, owner and instructor of Sign4Baby! She truly helps parents “discover what their baby is thinking!” with her exciting curriculum and colorful...

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How to Turn a Terrible Two into a Terrific Two

I finally had the pleasure of meeting Sondra of Happy Healthy Hip Parenting after taking one of her workshops at Java Mama called, How to Turn a Terrible Two into a Terrific Two! Trust me, I needed to take it! I was so happy with the workshop for many reasons… Location: Perfect for me since Java Mama is less than 10 minutes...

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Wordless Wednesday | BlogHer 2011

Jul 27, 11 Wordless Wednesday | BlogHer 2011

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Looking forward to BlogHer 2011 next week…I’ll be Child Free…but I feel like I can’t say I’m happy about that! LOL! I will miss my Pinky and may skip out on the parties just to go home to her. Not only will I be going to BlogHer, but I’ll also be attending Moms in Business Unite on Wednesday,...

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The Fo-Fo Figgly Show

Jun 30, 11 The Fo-Fo Figgly Show

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Check out this new character, Fo-Fo Figgly a Fump from the Fump Islands of the far, far west. I came across Fo-Fo through, Mom Blogger Ali Starkey of The Rehan Family Blog. She’s giving away a Fo-Fo Figgly DVD, Fo-Fo Figgly’s First Haircut, so be sure to enter here before Tuesday, July 5th for your chance to win. The...

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