About Us

Mommy, The Brain

I’m what some people call a professional student, what most people call an overachiever, and what few people call a bore!  But what do I call myself? I’m just the average woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and foe working on making life for me and my family better.  I believe that God, love and setting goals has led me to where I am today: A new mother to a beautiful daughter, married 3 years to a very supportive  husband, a bachelor’s in business and a masters in strategic communications,  jobless with a few failed business ventures, living in a small two bedroom condo in Sunny San Diego, followed by a crazy circus of a family!  I love to write, I love to dance, I’m the Amazing Mommy!

Daddy, The Geek

He’s the serious guy who loves his tech gadgets.  He’s smart, he’s wonderful, he’s working, he’s Daddy, the traditional and true definition of a man! He brings home the dough working as an accomplished Web Developer, Multimedia Specialist and will soon transition to become America’s next Top Project Manager. If you need your computer fixed and your baby’s diaper changed he’s your man…well really he’s my man! Daddy enjoys cooking, when Mommy lets him, he’s passionate about Filipino Martial Arts and his newest treasure is Pinky herself.

Pinky, The Inspiration

Finally, Pinky is our amazing character of a daughter! She has many nick names for the variety of cutesy little things she does to make us warm and fuzzy inside!  She is the inspiration of this blog and the reason why we named it The Pinky Project.  Every time she is at rest or feeding she points out her little pinky as if to tell us her world is okay, her version of a thumbs up!  It’s so adorable. It’s her signature move from the womb. Pinky is our newest family member, our first child and the love of our lives. She makes everything worthwhile and everyday an interesting adventure.

Spring 2011


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