1. It’s awesome how we both were talking about the same thing, but at the same time, it is All Hallow’s eve and Day of the Dead.

    Legacy was one we talked about between me and my partner. It’s one hard thing to determine too whether it will only impact us or anyone around us.

    For some if the impact was small, it might still be disappointing, while for others impact is an impact regardless. For some bad and good is still better that none, others assumed none is better than bad.

    So just like death, it’s a two side of coin, sorrow and joy or light and darkness. I think we are blessed to believe that there’s something else or somewhere else after we pass that door. Although, for some of us that mean also if they can’t do it here then just give up because there will be other chances.

    For us, we choose to believe that death is just a door to another chapter of our life. We talked to our Little Monster that those to pass, never leave. As long as you remember them, they will still be alive in this part of the door. Whether that memory is good or bad, we have no control but we can always choose to learn from it and improve, and the celebration for All Hallow’s eve and Day of the Dead certainly show us that although growing is not always painless, it’s still worthwhile.

  2. J, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, and of course for reading. Yes, it is fate that we both wrote and shared about the same thing today! I love how you analyzed life and death and had a deep discussion about whether positive or negative impacts matter. It’s always interesting to see how other people feel about death, because truly we all see it differently. I like that you say, “it’s not always painless, it’s still worthwhile.” Very well said.

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