1. Good for you! I have a friend who she and her entire family do jiu jitsu. It’s an awesome sport. If my son wasn’t in karate, I would get him into jiu jitsu.

  2. Thanks for reading, Maggie. It really is a fun sport and a fun workout! I’m sure it would be an easy transition for your son if he ever wanted to try.

  3. Hi mate, thanks for the article. Can I ask for a professional advice on a sport gear, can you recommend me a good one for a quality bjj gi? Thanks a lot!

  4. Pamela, I think it is a great sport and activity for the little ones. I have a daughter who will be starting soon, and she’s 6.5! My son is also interested and he’s only 3. It’s a great way to teach self-defense while socializing and also building sel-confidence. Let me know how it goes.

  5. Hi Kyla, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad yo could relate a bit. I definitely is a powerful boost for the whole family. Personally, I felt feally excited after each class. Yes, there are still some days I feel defeated, but that’s just part of the game. I like it because it works you out both physically and mentally. Hope you get back on the mats with your fam.

  6. This is so inspiring! I have always been interested in martial arts but have always been to afraid to try. I’m so happy for you and your journey.

  7. WHOA… This article is so meaningful for me, I was a karate member before but I quit without considering what is the reason why I learning martial arts. I’m almost about to reach the highest rank but I become a critically emotional because of the I hear a negative saying from my mates that I am not good that is why I decide to quit. Nevertheless, after I finished reading your inspiring story, there something in feelings to stand up again.

    Thank you, Angela. For your thoughtful article!
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  8. Hey Carlo! Thanks for reading. I would ask around and try our a few gyms before you make a decision. I noticed that many gyms offer free first time classes or open mat times where you can pop in and talk to instructors and take a class. Make sure they have a schedule that meets your needs too. I hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by.

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