Pinky’s First Week of Ballet Class at Dance & Company

Pinky has officially started ballet/tap classes at Dance & Company in Mira Mesa! She was so excited to start class because she was taking it with Baby Miya, her BFF and good old neighbor!

Pinky has a little experience from having taken Mommy and Me dance classes with Evolve in the past, but this time she is on her own! She is at the age where she is ready to venture off, make new friends and socialize without Mommy. As a parent, I really want to nurture her talents and encourage her to try new things. I won’t lie, this was an exciting moment for me too! I loved watching her through the window and being able to see her reflection in the mirror as she does her best to mimic the moves.

First class was exciting and interesting. I think because she had her friend in class she thought it was time to play, and not listen to Ms. Sandy! It was her first time though, and we are all confident that the girls will figure out that it’s dance time and not play time 🙂


Daddy, on the other hand, was a little upset that she wasn’t listening! Mom’s we’re a bit more understanding. At one point, Ms. Sandy had to place Pinky between her legs to complete the exercises. Thank goodness Miss Sandy and her assistant are patient and understanding. I know discipline starts in the home, but it will be interesting to see how Pinky learns to adapt to proper class etiquette.

The second class was smaller, she had a different teacher and Miya was not able to come. This time, Pinky did focus. The excitement was still there, but this time, she knew what to expect. It will get better with every class she takes. I am personally excited for the presentations next summer! In a year, Pinky will perform in her first recital. She performed her first hula dance at Daddy’s company picnic!

Here are a few more fun shots of Pinky having a blast in class!

















Thank you to Dance & Company for a great experience. We look forward to many more classes, and future recitals!

Disclaimer: We chose to take Pinky to Dance & Company because of their reputation and location. It is very close to our home, plus the instructors love their job. We are taking classes in exchange for sponsorship on The Pinky Project only shares information that will benefit our readers, and promotes businesses that we believe in!

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  1. I can wait to see her perform what she learned in dance class!!! she looks so cute in her outfit. Go nana and baby miya!!!!

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