How do you choose the right Godparents?

Choosing the right Godparents takes a lot more than Bibidi Bobidi Boo!

I wish it were that easy. I have nothing against those who choose a football team of sponsors or Godparents for their children. I guess the advantage of having a larger group of Godparents leaves room for backup and support among one another. I truly feel that Godparents should be handpicked very carefully. We opted to having only two special peeps fill the position.

Just thinking about who would be a Godparent to our child was a process for me, and Daddy, one that took well over two years. Two years of praying and going back and forth to make sure we were making the right decision. The decision was always made, it was just a matter of doing it, and feeling comfortable. In a way, I think my subconscious was a little fearful about choosing Godparent. I admit I almost forgot about the dedication, the part where we promise to raise our child up in the ways of the Lord.

My ultimate decision was based on current circumstances, but more so, the hypothetical. If both Daddy and I died today, who would we trust to raise Pinky? What two people could partner up, work together and support one another in good times and in bad, if they had inherited the responsibility of raising a child that was not their own. I know my entire family would take her in, but for the sake of consistency, security and tradition, Godparents are important.

We had to choose based on our needs, our feelings and not based on those of others. Although, we did take other people’s feelings into consideration. Those who were not chosen to be Pinky’s Godparents would be the Godparent of our next child. I mention this only because all of my siblings and my parents play such a huge role in raising Pinky. They could have all easily been Godparents.

I have 3 Godchildren, and I feel pretty horrible that I am not involved in their lives as much as I would like to be. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, and care for them…I just wish I could be more involved and be the Godparent they deserve. Growing up, I had the opportunity to be around my Nina Brenda! She was so cool. Kind of like the big sister I always wanted. We’d talk on the phone, she’d send me gifts and I’d tell her things I couldn’t tell my mom. I never really knew my Godfather, but I’m sure he was a decent man. Even I only had two God parents. Daddy was the same.

Anyway, I figure I’d share some tips and criteria to help you find the right Godparents for your children, whether you choose two or 52!

Choose someone you have known for a long time. Someone who is responsible and you can trust with your own life. Chances are, if you trust them with yours, you’d trust them with your child’s.

Choose someone who has the same or similar values and beliefs as you do. If you want your children to be raised in the catholic church as opposed to another church, make sure that person will instill those same traditions and values into the lives of your children. If you want your children to be raised with morals, good manners and the drive to be successful and independent, find someone who emulates those characteristics.

Choose someone who inspires you to be better. If this person inspires you and encourages you to be a better person, just think of the impact they can make on your children.

Choose someone you love, and who loves you. This is a no-brainier. As long as these people will love and embrace your children for who they are that is all that matters, because everything else will fall into place.

We are happy to finally announce that Pinky’s Godparents are Auntie Didi (aka my sister) and Uncle John (aka my cousin Mike)! We chose them for all the reasons listed above and more. They have demonstrated an unconditional love for Pinky, we’ve known them long enough to know our values align and they both are an inspiration to us in one way or another. Together, they are a special team, and I believe they will be up for the task of helping raise Pinky, whether we are here (living) or not!

Auntie Didi is a strong willed woman with a huge heart. I know Pinky will gain so much from her passion to do better for herself and the world around her. She will continue to be a great example to Pinky as she grows with her and challenges her to be the best girl she can be.

Auntie Didi

Uncle John is genuine, tough, smart and a big kid at heart. I know Pinky will not only have fun when she’s around him, but she will also learn important life skills from him and his family. As one of Pinky’s few male role models, I know he will help instill the confidence she needs to handle life’s challenges.

Uncle John

They both love animals, and so does Pinky! They both believe in God! They both have multiple talents. They both can care less about the drama and more about what it means to be a family! I could go on and on. To us, they are the perfect match to be Pinky’s Godparents, and we are grateful to have them in our lives!

So, how did you decide on who would be your children’s Godparents? We’d love to know.


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