We’re going on a trip!

On our way to Magic Mountain! Pinky’s First Time! Going to meet up with our neighbors – Pinky’s BFF Baby Miya!

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Pinky’s Second Birthday at Seaport Village

Jul 26, 12 Pinky’s Second Birthday at Seaport Village

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2012 has flown by so quickly. We just celebrated Pinky’s Half Birthday. I never even had the chance to write about her actual second birthday. The day she turned 24 months We decided to celebrate lightly with an intimate breakfast at our favorite family hangout Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego down at Seaport Village. We have...

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Happy Auntie’s Day 2012

Jul 22, 12 Happy Auntie’s Day 2012

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The Pinky Project wishes all the Auntie’s out there a very Happy Auntie’s Day! You are all special in your own right! A very sincere thank you to Pinky’s amazing Aunties! Thank you for all you do to show her just how much she is loved and important in this world! Auntie’s Day was made possible four years ago...

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What is a baby dedication anyway?

Jul 13, 12 What is a baby dedication anyway?

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I am a little behind on dedicating Pinky! We are finally doing it after two years this weekend. I know, she is not a baby anymore, she is a toddler I have seriously been going crazy planning this celebration, that a part of me forgot the true reason for the celebration. We are dedicating our daughter first and foremost, choosing...

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How do you choose the right Godparents?

Choosing the right Godparents takes a lot more than Bibidi Bobidi Boo! I wish it were that easy. I have nothing against those who choose a football team of sponsors or Godparents for their children. I guess the advantage of having a larger group of Godparents leaves room for backup and support among one another. I truly feel that...

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