1. That looks like a fantastic place! Amberly was a little disappointed in her first mani-pedi with me when she was 4. I guess she thought there was more to it haha! Or maybe she needed someone more used to working with kids. Perhaps I’ll check this place out with her… she’s been wanting to go back with me but I’ve made a deal that she has to stop biting her nails for at least 3 weeks first. Funny that this conversation happened today.

  2. Aww…perfect that you found this post then! I think she would love it. As I mentioned I was debating on taking Pinky at such a young age, but Bellemani’s practices made the decision easy for me. Plus, I don’t ‘plan’ on taking her all the time! Although she did go one more time after this! I think she has gotten over it, for now. I hope you do try this place. Make a day out of it. Get your nails done, stop at Cups for cupcakes and take a walk on the beach! She’ll love spending time with Mommy! Hope that is enough incentive to help her stop biting 😉

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