Dear Pinky | Happy 28 Months

Jun 06, 12 Dear Pinky | Happy 28 Months

What can I say…I’m playing catch up! Here you are at 28 months. Each month brings a different challenge and a new beginning. It’s amazing at how much you change and develop and learn it such a short amount of time. These are my favorite times with you…I am enjoying nurturing you and loving you at this young age!

This month you had a Hostess cupcake for breakfast and an Oreo Cookie Mint cupcake after dinner! Mama Fely gave you the Hostess cupcake after her birthday party the night before. The morning of your birthday (monthday) I asked you what kind of cupcake you wanted, and you said, “my cupcake!” and started rummaging through your diaper bag…at my amazement, and your victory, you pulled out the Hostess cupcake! I gave in, and let you have it for breakfast. Then I told you stories about how Daddy used to buy those exact cakes for me all the time, because they were my favorite!

I love you, boo!

p.s. I absolutely love how you know how to sing the Happy Birthday Song! Hope I can get you on video soon!

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