The Potty Project

So it’s only been a week since Pinky has been truly interested in using the potty for it’s purpose! Heck, I barely posted Milestone Monday, A Potty for Pinky! Yesterday, she pooped, I will spare the graphics on this one, plus she made it to the potty to pee before having an accident.

Here are the things that have helped move the process along so far…
-Introducing her to the idea, having the potty out, letting her flush the toilet.
-Allowing her to decide when she was ready.
-Indirectly encouraging her to use the potty by reading the book and making using the potty fun.
-Positive reinforcement, hugs and high fives.
-Letting her pee her pants! We are averaging two accidents a day. Yesterday it was 2.5. She needs to know how uncomfortable it is to pee herself. I think that’s why she is now telling me ahead of time that she has to pee. We are constantly reassuring her that accidents happen and it’s okay. I think she feels a little embarrassed when they happen.
-Finally, Grandma’s annoying yet helpful persistence!

All if these efforts have been worth the pile if soiled pants and panties. I almost dreaded this project, but now I see it as an opportunity for us to teach our daughter an important life lesson. We are learning together and it makes us all proud of each other…mostly Pinky!

I am actually really confident that Pinky will be out of diapers sooner than we expected! Now, my only frustration is having to cleanup after each mess. Come on, I can’t be that happy about pee. Seriously, I love the experience but let’s be honest, it’s not all a bed of roses.

Any suggestions on how to streamline that part of the process? I’d love to hear them.

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