Date Night | Rock of Ages at Broadway San Diego

It’s been a while since I shared a personal date night post with you, but this one is so worth sharing. Daddy and I have become quite the avid show goers since we became parents. Ever since we laid eyes on the Broadway San Diego 2012-13 schedule Daddy claimed Rock of Ages! Rock of Ages has been the best Broadway experience...

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The Potty Project

So it’s only been a week since Pinky has been truly interested in using the potty for it’s purpose! Heck, I barely posted Milestone Monday, A Potty for Pinky! Yesterday, she pooped, I will spare the graphics on this one, plus she made it to the potty to pee before having an accident. Here are the things that have...

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Milestone Monday | A Potty Just for Pinky

Mar 26, 12 Milestone Monday | A Potty Just for Pinky

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Last week, Daddy and I bought Pinky a book, A Potty Just for Me by Karen Katz. Originally we wanted to get a book that would tell her it’s okay to go number 2! She’s been withholding if you know what I mean. Ever since we got the book, Pinky has been asking us to read it to her multiple times a day. I was so excited and...

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Wordless Wednesday | Okie Dokie

Pinky cracks up when I say this! Not sure why, but it’s so cute!

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Nana’s Mac n’ Cheese and how I got Daddy to eat it | Recipe

Mar 15, 12 Nana’s Mac n’ Cheese and how I got Daddy to eat it | Recipe

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I have made history in my family! Ever since I met Daddy, he has hated mac n’ cheese. Mommy, no question about it, I LOVE mackin’ on cheese any style! I always order the mac n’ cheese if it’s on the menu. One of my favorites is from — OMG! I cannot remember the name! I’ll get back to you. I know...

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