The Tray Vous for your Bugaboo!

Oct 20, 11 The Tray Vous for your Bugaboo!

I was so excited when Katie Dillon of La Jolla Mom announced a tray was being released for the Bugaboo! I was all over it…

Pinky and I love our Bugaboo Chameleon. She especially loves the fact that it has monkeys on it. We opted for the Paul Frank cover at the time of purchase because we weren’t sure if Pinky was a girl or a boy. The design is very gender neutral. Bugaboo is just creative in that way, collaborating with other companies to offer fun, modern and stylish products that function extremely well! I was sold on this stroller from the very beginning! As Pinky grew older, I realized, the only thing they hadn’t thought of offering, was a snack tray! You can imagine how challenging it has been to push the stroller and carry an open juice box among other things.

Thank God one busy mom, wasn’t too busy to come up with a solution. Introducing the one and only tray for your Bugaboo stroller, the Tray Vous! Created by a busy mom, for the rest of us busy moms, Lauren Moore!

When I got our Tray Vous in the mail I could not wait to try it out. What got me even more excited was the product packaging – it was so cute with all the little lady bugs – even Pinky couldn’t contain herself.

I was impressed with the Tray Vous for a lot of reasons, here are my top 3:

  1. Simplicity. The design is simple. No gimmicks, just a tray for my Pinky. And it’s lightweight.
  2. Functionality. The Tray Vous serves its purpose, complete with a cup holder and large surface for snacks or activities. The connectors function the same way as the original attachments do for the bar making it efficient as ever. There’s nothing new to learn. The Tray Vous conforms to the existing design. Not to mention, the Velcro strips used to attach the tray to the bar are not hard to pull apart at all!
  3. Easy Installation. Installing our Tray Vous was super easy. You can literally pop it in under two minutes. Check out this video of me installing the Tray Vous while Pinky has a little melt down. It shows how easy it is to install, even in sticky situations. She finally calms down once she realizes its function! Enjoy!

The Tray Vous…it truly the #1 tray accessory for your Bugaboo! Visit to purchase yours today!

p.s. After nearly 27 takes…we have a few bloopers. See Daddy take on the task of installing the Tray Vous for the first time here. On a seroius note, the Tray Vous is easy for Daddy to install too!

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    I LOVE the Paul Frank cover! So adorable. What a great looking tray too. Your video is just perfect and the blooper is hilarious!

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    Thanks Marissa! I wasn’t sure if people would continue reading that far! We had so much fun filming. The Tray Vous is a brilliant idea…it works and looks great! Thanks for reading and watching 😉