Date Night | Walter Cronkite is Dead at the San Diego Rep

Oct 03, 11 Date Night | Walter Cronkite is Dead at the San Diego Rep

If you haven’t noticed, Mommy and Daddy love the theatre! I will admit, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch this one as I’m not one for politics, but boy am I sure I did!

Daddy and I have always believed that communication is key to any relationship. Over the years, I’ve also learned that controversy is key to good conversation and Walter Cronkite is Dead, proves that theory!

“In seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.” —Walter Cronkite

Who is Walter Cronkite? Why he’s a journalist of course…I apologize I am not good with names, I had to look him up, but Daddy knew who he was! Not just any journalist, he was named “the most trusted man in America!” He had a relationship with the community, a darn good one!

Walter Cronkite is Dead is about two ladies Patty played by Melinda Gilb and Margaret played by Ellen Crawford who meet during a thunderstorm in an airport lounge. They seem to be complete opposites, both with very strong opinions and amazing stories to tell. As they sit down and open up to one another over a bottle of wine and M&M’s, they realize, they aren’t so different after all.

I was so impressed by this comedy duo! I could see myself in both ladies. I turned to Daddy and ask him if we knew anyone like the hilarious and loud Patty! We couldn’t think of anyone at the top of our heads. Anyway, it was interesting to hear “both sides of the story”. Margaret the liberal who was afraid to fly and named her four children after favorite Kennedy’s, was waiting on her son. Patty the republican, a faithful southern gal with a lot of baggage was flying solo since her daughter abandoned their annual trip.

As each woman and mother, told their story, a beautiful friendship unfolds. The conversation gets heated, and emotions rise as Patty talks about her son who lost his life in the war in Afghanistan…Margaret shares the loss of her husband and her hate towards Chanel No.5! They learn from one another, they comfort one another. Strangers laughing and having a good time, under unexpected circumstances, but it worked. They share their struggles, and exchange stories  about their youth and now ungrateful children. They discover they were wrong about each other. Patty wasn’t  crazy loud woman who only knew the four walls of her home. She was well traveled. Margaret was not a stuck up woman with no faith. Her faith had failed her, but she kept pressing on and gave her kids the best, at least that’s what she thought.

One line that stuck me came from Margaret, as she talks about how she loves her children, but she doesn’t like them. She recalls a memory of her birthday when her children and grandchildren give her a beautiful full length mirror framed in gold as a present. She sits down to see her reflection, then that of her children and finally her children’s children. Suddenly, she is filled with intense emotion and the audience goes silent. Margaret says something to the effect of, “if my children have been made in my image, then my borders need to change.” It reminded me that I need to be a better example for Pinky. It made me want to get up and go do something amazing. Not just for her, but for me too. I was surprised to have resonated with the liberal more, as I consider myself more as a republican. More so because of my beliefs, but I have also always been one who sits on the fence and tries to see the benefits of both sides! I guess that’s why I personally loved this play. It made sense, when sense was nothing to made of!

I loved the simplicity of this play. One set. Two cast members. One amazingly controversial conversation!

I will admit that I didn’t get some of the political jokes, again, Daddy did. But that’s because he went to high school in the East Coast! Walter Cronkite is Dead is a must see for date night or a girls night out.Visit the San Diego Repertory Theatre website for more information! This is a perfect play to bring your mom to, they have a promotion called Bring Your Mom Wednesdays! Buy two ticket for the price of one! Get yours now by calling 619-544-1000 or use promo code: MOM! Hurry, Walter Cronkite is Dead only until October 16th!

As you can see, Daddy and I had a great time. Bartender made me the tastiest Shirley Temple too! Happy Date Night!




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