Wordless Wednesday | Another win for Manny Pacquiao

May 11, 11 Wordless Wednesday | Another win for Manny Pacquiao
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    I had to look up who Manny Pacquiao is, but now I know! Thanks for expanding my knowledge!

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    Awww, thank you for stopping by! Glad to help expand your knowledge 😉

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    Thank you for stopping by, Meryl!

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    That’s awesome! Celebrate Pacquiao’s victory!

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    @Christinchen Pink*Jeep Yes! It was a total victory, who cares if people said the fight was boring. It is what it is. Did you see all the talent before the fight started? Charice, Tyrese, Jamie Foxx, LL Cool J, and yeah, I didn’t even know who that was performing as Pacquaio came out, I’m not even gonna lie! LOL! Overall, it was enough for me! You?

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    Haha, it’s the shirt that makes the man.

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