Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Daddy! I love you!


Photo By: Charity Remington Photography/Edited By: Mommy

Here’s last year’s digital photo card…my has she grown!

Daddy's Bday 2010

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    Whaddyaknow? It was my husband’s birthday too yesterday and my name is also Pinky! Some weird WW coincidences happening here if you ask me – hahaha!


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    Amber J Robosa /

    So cute!!!! Ryans twin! Happy birthday ryan!!!!!

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    Haha, thanks Amber!

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    So cute! Thanks for linking up yesterday. :)

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    Thank you everyone for your comments and bday wishes!

    @The Oz Sys that is a coincidence, but a good one! Happy bday to your hubby!

    @GreenMomma Thank you for hosting!

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