Giveaway | 2 Tickets to the Final Oprah Episode Largest Viewing Party in San Diego

May 16, 11 Giveaway | 2 Tickets to the Final Oprah Episode Largest Viewing Party in San Diego

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    Amber J Robosa /

    1. Oprah is an inspiring woman i would love to see her at her show and listen to what she has to tell.

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    Amber J Robosa /

    2. I rt’d it

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    Amber J Robosa /

    3.I liked The Pinky Project.

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    Amber J Robosa /

    4. I have already subscribed to The Pinky Project and I enjoy reading the posts.

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    Diana Robosa /

    I would love to see the final episode of Oprah with other women. It would be fun to be a part of this historic event even from far away.

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    I have watched Oprah since I was little! My mom always had her on tv after school, so I would take my mom. I agree it would be a historical event and I’d love to be there for it!!

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    I like you on fb: michelle riebeek is my profile name

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    I subscribe via michellehaskell at gmail dot com!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

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    Steve Scholl /

    The Most Inspiring Moment is when she announced her very first national episode! She Inspired us all, believed in love & equality for everyone. She is a hero to millions all around the world. She is a forever legend & She will be a inspiration to everyone forever in our hearts! Thank you for the opportunity to reply & enter!

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    Steve Scholl /

    I Liked the Pinky Project! Why I would like to go? To witness the opportunity to enjoy my time & peers of hundreds-thousands of people all around the world who love oprah!

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    Steve Scholl /

    I tweeted, username: teamjojo

    Thank you again!

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    Victoria R. /

    My best friend and I love Oprah – we watch together every day over the phone – she’s just had a baby – what a great gift this would be!

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    I loved Oprah’s acceptance speech of the Bob Hope Humanitarian award at the Emmy’s – I distinctly remember trying to capture the quote in my head as I think she hit the nail on the head – we all want to know that we matter. I blogged about it ; ) I’ve missed far too many Oprah segments but I do not want to miss the final hooray – especially in epic style!

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    Angelica /

    I have been watching Oprah for as long as I can remember, she is so inspiring! It would be amazing to be able to take my mom.

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    Thank you for entering this giveaway. As of not, it is officially closed. Winner will be posted shortly! Thank you!

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    Debra Haskell /

    I have watched Oprah for many years. Oprah and her many guests have enlightened me and enriched my life. There were so many moments of inspiration it would be hard to pick just one. I loved reading so many of the books from the Book Club. It would be great to be apart of the final event.

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    Fariba Saifyan /

    I just love Oprah, I have watched most of her shows and I beleive she has a beautiful heart. She has changed my life by teaching me to forgive, and how to say NO sometimes.

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    Fariba Saifyan /

    I like pinky project.

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