First Trip to the Carlsbad Flower Fields

May 12, 11 First Trip to the Carlsbad Flower Fields

I have been wanting to visit the Carlsbad Flower Fields for quite some time now. Finally, a buy 1 get 1 free coupon shared by my friend at SoCal with Kids gave me that extra push to just go already! Because I shared my coupon with the family in front of me in line, they purchased a tractor ride for me! Everything worked out, and the coupon plus a kind gesture proved to provide more savings at the end of the day. I’d share the coupon with you too, but it expired April 30th.

Pinky, Grandma and I spent a lovely spring day at the Flower Fields. We took lots of pictures and Pinky enjoyed the breeze from the tractor ride. She went crazy strolling the fields, stopping to smell the flowers and take in the beautiful view of the sea of ranunculus in every color – red, orange, yellow! Pinky loved picking up the rubble and throwing it back on the ground. I loved watching her smile and get excited about the bird flying aimlessly through the air. Santa’s Village was a nice spot for lunch if we had brought it, but I wanted Pinky to see the flowers so we kept moving.

Santa's Village

Rubble for a Rebel

Riding on the Tractor!



Overall, we enjoyed our day at the Flower Fields. Thank you to the family who took our pic…after we took their pic. See, it goes to show that kindness does matter. Anyway, there’s so much to do, and I can’t wait to come back here with Daddy and when Pinky is a little bigger. There is just so much to do there. Our strawberry shake outside the Anderson Nursery by Carlsbad Gourmet Strawberries by-the-sea was yummy! Pinky said so herself.They only had 8 items on their menu, but all were very unique. I want to go back and try the Strawberry Lavender Sundae. Next, we’ll be going up to the Carlsbad Strawberry Company for some strawberry picking and then make some delicious shakes of our own.


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    Man, I wish I was there to spend some time with you guys, next time.

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    Tia Locita /

    Man that place looks fun!

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