Daddy takes First Place at SD Grand Int’l Martial Arts Comp

May 12, 11 Daddy takes First Place at SD Grand Int’l Martial Arts Comp

We are so proud of Daddy! Earlier this month he competed in the San Diego Grand International Martial Arts Competition. He came away with First Place in Stick Fighting – Filipino Martial Arts. They had a Hawaiian theme so the trophy was unique and reminiscent of a man riding a wave. This was Daddy’s very first time winning anything, other than me of course. He did say that, so no, I’m not just being narcissistic.I thought it was such an honor that he won this trophy because it was so unique. He will definitely have a story to tell Pinky!

The Trophy


Daddy is very dedicated to Filipino Martial Arts. It is not as mainstream as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Karate, Taekwondo, or Brazilian Jujitsu. At least not yet. Daddy has been training for almost as long as we’ve been together which is over 10 years. He is very passionate about this art, and I admire him for that. He really has no idea that I’m posting all of this about him, if he did he might stop me. Anyway, he is very skilled at what he does. Take a look for yourself.

Round 1

Pinky stayed with Grandma for the day so she didn’t get to see all the action, but I know that one day we’ll be able to share all the details. Heck, she’ll still probably be able to read about it and watch it here on this blog! Although this win was special for Daddy, it was special for me too. I was so proud of him, and one day he will be able to show his daughter his trophy and tell her that she can do anything she sets her mind to! In the past, Daddy was hesitant to fight in tournaments for his own reasons, but I’m so glad he finally decided to compete again.

Here are the reasons I felt it was a good thing Daddy competed:

  1. Builds self esteem
  2. Tests your skills
  3. Makes you feel accomplished

One will never know how much he knows until he is tested! Congratulations once again to my husby! Here’s to more tournaments in the future! I am so proud of you! Here are a couple more photos of Daddy’s Tournament with his team mates and the judges, including Master Babao.



Showing Respect


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    Special thanks goes out to Guro Eric Punsalan for his knowledge and patience. Not to forget my family especially my wife for her unwaivering support and unending patience with me and my pursuit of my passion. To my team mates, it was a good day, here’s to next year.

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    Tia Locita /

    Good Job Ryan! The stick fighting looks intense.

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    @Tia Locita Yes, very intense. Maybe next time he’ll let other people watch, lol!

    @Daddy you know I always got your back. I know I have my moments where I am not always as accepting as you’d like me to be, but I do see the bigger picture. I am so proud of you. One day soon, I’ll be your student!

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