Old Navy $50 Gift Card Challenge

Apr 27, 11 Old Navy $50 Gift Card Challenge

Thanks to Cheap Sally and San Diego Bargain Mama I was able to go on a $50 shopping spree at Old Navy! Actually, I was challenged to find the best deals for me and my family with a $50 gift card but, a shopping spree sounds so much better! With only 40 mintues to spare til closing, I began my challenge last night with Pinky and Tia Locita.

As I walked towards the store, this sign was shining in the window…

Did I come at a great time or what? Old Navy was taking an additional 30% off all already marked down clearance items. Beat that! You can only guess where I was headed – to the back – where all the clearance items are stashed. To my surprise, there were so many items already marked down. Not to my surprise, there were a lot of great items. Old Navy always offers great merchandise at reasonable prices, so I was expecting that.

My plan of action was to make sure I bought something for everyone. I wanted to buy items that would last, items we could use through the rest of Spring and Summer. Granted I shopped mostly for Pinky; however I was able to buy something for myself, Daddy and Tia Locita. A little thank you for watching Pinky while I shopped. Here’s what I bought…

Mesh Shorts, for Daddy – $12.50

(2) Pairs of Flip Flops, for me and Tia Locita – 2 pairs for $5

(2) Vintage Character Onsies, for Pinky – $5 each when you buy two or more

Capri Pants that double as shorts when you roll and button them up, and a shirt to match, for Pinky – $13.98

A Whoopie Cushion for giggles – $1

I purchased a total of 8 items with my $50 gift card! After taxes I only had to pay an additional $2.54! I could have done without the whoopie cushion, but I couldn’t resist. Otherwise, I must say, I am pretty proud of myself! I was able to buy something for everyone in the family; and these are all items we can use through the end of Summer.

So this challenge got me thinking about other ways to save when shopping at Old Navy. Here are some helpful tips to plan your next online or instore shopping trip.

  1. Raid those Clearance Racks! You never know what gem you’ll find. You might find something for next season, but that’s okay, you can say you got it on sale!
  2. Sign up for an Old Navy credit card and recieve an instant 20% off on your instore purchase. Sometimes, Old Navy runs a promotion for existing cardholders to also receiving an additional 20% off. Having a card has its perks.
  3. Go to www.OldNavy.com and sign up to receive emails on their upcoming promotions. When you sign up you will receive a welcome offer of $10 off your online order of $50 or more. Plus, all subscribers receive an exclusive treat on their birthdays.
  4. Follow Old Navy on Facebook and Twitter for more updates, coupons and the latest fashion trends.
  5. Receive mobile alerts by texting OLDNVY to 653689 to receive the latest Old Navy news each week
  6. Finally, be sure to visit Cheap Sally for a 25% printable coupon for a single item.

This gift card challenge was sponsored by Cheap Sally on beahalf of San Diego Bargain Mama. These two sites are invaluable resources for Moms, and Dads alike looking for a great deal at just about any retail store. CheapSally.com offers coupon and promo codes that get you the best deals online from top retailers like Amazon, Target, Overstock and of course Old Navy! Her site is easy to use and saves you an additional 15% on average on your purchases. San Diego Bargain Mama helps busy Moms save money, and helps everyone celebrate local value for less! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this challenge. Be sure to visit Old Navy on your next family shopping trip.

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    Amber J Robosa /

    thanks for the slippers!!! :) i need to do more shopping myself, ill use these tips u gave. i always want to go clearance more cool and nice things to find

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    Amber J Robosa /

    did u guys try out the whoopie cushion yet?

  3. avatar

    Haha! Not yet, it’s still in the bag! I think she’s gonna crack up over it, at least I hope!

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