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Apr 19, 11 My MomHeroes

This year, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th! I’ve only been a mother for 15 months, 24 months if you count the nine I was pregnant!

It didn’t take me more than a few days, maybe even a few hours after giving birth for me to realize that being a Mother is hard work. As the months went by, I also realized how hard I’ve been on my own mother. Even now that I am a mother, I am still her daughter, and I can honestly say, she is always there for me. I can always count on my Mommy!

I recently tweeted, “mother’s don’t get decorated with fancy awards, they get decorated with boogers, mac n’ cheese and cookies.” This got me thinking about all the mothers out there who sometimes feel less than themselves. Being a mother is rewarding enough, but we are also human. And sometimes, we need a little recognition to keep us going. We don’t need an award, but it is nice to be rewarded once in a while.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I  decided to dedicate a blog series titled My MomHeroes where I interview moms in my circle who have inspired me. Mom’s I know who have done an extraordinary job in raising their children and families no matter what circumstances have come their way. Moms who have been moms way before I’ve been a mom and moms who are moms alongside me. Moms who are my best friends, Moms who own their own businesses, Moms who work, Moms who go to school…just MOMS!

My late grandmother, who we called Abuelita always used to tell us, “respeta tu mama!” It means respect your mother in Spanish. Abuelita reminded me every time I saw her. Now, I understand why!

Please join me in honoring My MomHeroes and feel to share yours with me! Enjoy!

Meet My MomHeroes!

My Mommy

Kat Munoz Lomibao

Suzanne Mai Huynh

Maria Paz Aventurado

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    Kat Lomibao /

    Angela, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for recognizing me as your first MomHero! I am inspired by your beauty, grace, and talent. You truly have a beautiful soul and you shine through your radiant smile, your warm heart and your open arms! The family and I have known you for a long time, as Girlie’s best friend, you and your family are family to us. Even before you became a wife and mother, I knew that you would be an awesome wife and mother one day. You are such a loving and sweet Mommy to Alana and a loving, devoted, wonderful wife to Ryan. I am blessed to have you in my life, I absolutely love you doll!!!



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    Awww, Kat…you went and made me cry! I’m so glad that we can share this journey together. I have always consider you family as well! Again, I cannot stress enough how much you have inspired me as a mother, a wife and a woman. We don’t get to hang out much so that speaks volumes about you. You have always been kind and supporting of my business ventures and I truly appreciate that! Thank you x 1000 for all you do as an RN, a wife, a mother, a daughter, and friend! I love you, Sexy Mama!

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