Milestone Monday | 15 Month Check Up

Apr 18, 11 Milestone Monday | 15 Month Check Up

Pinky had her 15 month check up today and we are happy to report that we still have a very healthy growing baby! Today she weighed in a 21 pounds, 7 ounces, she’s is a little over 30 inches tall and her head circumference is 18 inches! She was very cooperative, recognized her name when the nurse called her, and even walked herself into the back office. We tried to get her on the big kid scale but she was still a little unsure about it. We used the baby scale, she cried…not sure why, she usually enjoys it!

During her exam she was also very cooperative, except for when stepped out for a bathroom break! While we were chatting with the doctor, she was trying make a break for it! Doctor said she needs to eat more and we need to decide whether or not we’re going to wean her of breastfeeding. Based on her breastfeeding patterns and growth analysis it’s safe to say that she’s a stair-stepper…she grows in spurts, plateaus, then has a another growth spurt. It makes more sense when you see it on the chart because it actually looks like a stair step! She’s got tons of new teeth coming in and she becoming a little firecracker!

We left with a happy baby and puppy stickers! We thank God for Pinky’s health! We are blessed with a beautiful baby girl! Next is her 18 month check-up…time is going by way too fast!

Photo Credits: Taken by Grandma. We caught her at the chiropractor’s office and asked her to watch Pinky while we were treated 😉


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    Tia Locita /

    hahahh i love the picture!!!!! glad to hear shes a healthy baby shes growing so fast now. hey rememeber when she was a baby??!!!

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    Yeah, we remember. Haha, she’s growing to quickly.

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