Happy 9 Months Pinky

Thursday, October 14th our Precious Pinky turned 9 months! I still cannot believe how much she has grown. It seems just like yesterday we found out we were pregnant! Such a cliche, but so true. I wanted to make sure we did something special in honor of our baby girl, not that she doesn’t deserve something special everyday…but 9 months is something to celebrate wouldn’t you agree?

Daddy was coming home late that night so we decided to pay him a visit at work. He went to pay his respects to one of FMA’s greatest, Grandmaster Christopher N. Ricketts. May he rest in peace.

Daddy and Auntie Chica work in the same building so it was double the fun for Pinky. Then, unexpectedly to our surprise, Grandma got off early from work. And since she just works two stop lights away from Daddy and Auntie, she met up with us to visit Pinky which makes for tipple the fun! There were so many pictures it was hard for me to choose which ones to post. Anyway…here is what the day looked like through my lens. Enjoy – keep reading for fun cake photos!

Fist stop, the bank and Von’s with my Pinky to pick up some coffee, applesauce (her fave) and a…

Happy 9 Months to Me!

(Pinky stayed in her seat the whole time, which is a challenge for her, I was so proud)!

Piece of Cake

Picked up a cake from Von’s Bakery and had them write Happy 9 Months Alana (Pinky’s Real Name)! I bought one of these for Daddy when we celebrated his birthday the first time as a couple…oh the memories. Take a good look at this beaut though because it will look a lot different later.

Picture Perfect

On our way back to our car we pass the usual group of Filipino retirees lounging around and playing pusoy dos, chess, and just plain shooting the $@i*! As I walk by I notice a man drawing freehand. I look at his drawing, then I look up and see the exact same image. Let me tell you, he made a pot, a Starbucks cup and some trash look good. I walked passed amazed, yet in a hurry then turned around and asked him how much he’d charge for drawing Pinky. Without hesitation, he told me to sit down and he’d draw her picture for whatever I wanted to pay him. I took the opportunity and made a few friends I’d otherwise just keep passing by on my occasional Starbucks morning visits. This was the outcome! All done in exactly 10 minutes and a donation of $12. It was a fun and memorable experience. We’ll be visiting Uncle Danny again soon!

Next stop, Torrey Pines to visit Daddy! He was so happy to see her. And she was so happy to see him.

Daddy's Girl

Good thing Auntie Chica was there to help us take a few family photos. Pinky was so interested in the frosting and colorful confetti!

Mama's Girl

Eating the icing off of Pinky’s little fingers. Hey, Mommy’s gotta do, what a Mommy’s gotta do :)

More fun with Daddy…and her cake!

Hanging with my Auntie Chica

Pinky was excited to see more than one familiar face. She was also excited to be wearing the Elmo shirt Auntie Chica bought for her! Pinky loves Elmo and she loves her new shirt!


Grandma was the unexpected visit of the day! Pinky was very excited to see her. Unfortunately she couldn’t get too close being that Grandma had just come from the hospital where she works. They still managed to have a fun visit though. Before this photo we were eating out on the patio. A bee wanted to hang out at our table, but I kept shooing it away – Pinky was cracking up so bad…it was hilarious.

We finally headed home after a nearly 3 hour visit. Pinky fell asleep and napped even after we got in the house. I kept her on my chest not wanting to let her go. I let her stay there until she woke up. Then it was cake time (after her applesauce of course). I’ve been opposed to sweets, but that day I just wanted her to have a taste. No harm in that. This is what the cake looked like when we got home. See her little fingers reaching helplessly for some frosting.

Cake Time

Pinky had a blast squishing her fingers in the frosting. That’s all she really did. She tasted it but wasn’t all that interested, at least for now.

Finally it was bath time and time to get ready for bed. Pinky loves her baths.


This was an unexpected gesture for me. I went in to take a photo of me and Pinky and I didn’t realize until viewing the photo that she actually puckered up to kiss me. It was such a heartfelt moment! As you can see I had to give her some Lil’ Kim coverage!

Getting Ready for Bed

After her bath, Pinky hung out in her robe watching her favorite show, Sesame Street. She brushed her teeth, played with Mommy, we read Good Night Moon and My World, said our prayers, and went to sleep. Altogether, it was such a fun day with Pinky. Although she probably won’t remember a thing…I hope she will appreciate these photos one day and see how much she is and has always been loved!

My FB Status for the Day: Holding my baby girl close while she sleeps! I can’t believe she’s already 9 months! I love you my sweet Nana Bear! Happy 9 months to the best girl ever!


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