1. joann

    happy anniversary guys!.. i just wanted to let you guys know that you guys are inspiring not only watching you guys grow together as a couple through the years,but as a couple in a marriage it takes a lot of hard work and love to get through what life throws at you and both of you managed to get through it TOGETHER its rare nowadays to have that kind of relationship/marriage. now seeing you guys as parents is so much more inspiration that one day i hope that sunny and i can be just as great as you guys are not only in relationship/marriage, but as parents as well.. CHEERS to 10 years and forever more years to come…love you guys & chub chubs

  2. Awww…I think I shed a tear! Haha! Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m so glad that you find us inspiring. You and Sunny are already on the right path. I can see that he has made an impact in your life, and vice versa. You two will make wonderful parents one day soon. I look forward to watching you both grow as you have seen Ryan and I grow. Every relationship has its challenges but it’s how we work through those challenges that make us strong and keeps us together. Thank you again. Love you guys! And Happy Belated Anniversary to you guys too! Two years went by really fast!

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