What I learned on Parenthood

Okay, so as a parent I thought it would only be appropriate that I watch Parenthood every Tuesday on NBC. I’m so glad that I started watching it because it has become one of my favorite television series.

Parenthood is about one big crazy family, the Braverman’s, Camille (mom), Zeek (dad), Adam, Sarah, Julia and Crosby (their four children) and their families. Based, on the box office hit in 1989 Parenthood featuring Steve Martin, this one-hour show filled with tons of family drama, tradition, values and mishaps is one to love because anyone can relate to one or all the characters. The Braverman’s sort of remind me of my family own, what I wished they were, what I wished they weren’t and of course what they are now.

Because I love this show so much I had an idea to start a mini series called, “What I learned on Parenthood!” Each week after watching the show I’ll provide a brief description of the show and list a few things I learned from the Braverman’s. It would be great for you to join me and comment about what you learned too. Then we can compare notes and share our findings! I’m sure there’s something I’ll miss.

First episode of the season, I hear You, I see You!

p.s. Don’t forget to tune in to NBC on Tuesdays at 10/9C with me to watch Parenthood

p.s.s. Looks like I’m not the only one who thought this show was worth writing about, or relating to for that matter. Click here to read the judgmental observer’s Notes On Parenthood & PARENTHOOD!

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