This week on Parenthood… Sarah makes a friend at work that helps her to impress her daughter, while Julia and Joel discuss expanding their family. Obviously there’s more…Adam struggles with the fact that he has no relationship with Max. Haddie is running for Student Council and Kristina is the one who is...

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Dear Pinky…It’s a BitterSweet September

Sep 29, 10 Dear Pinky…It’s a BitterSweet September

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This month has gone by so quickly, just like the rest. Each day you amaze me with how much you grow, how much you learn…just you being here pushes me to always have a positive outlook in life no matter how bad things may seem. You truly are my sunshine. September is often bittersweet because it is the end of Summer, but the...

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Parenthood: NO GOOD DEED

So, I decided, rather than reinventing the wheel, I’m gonna go ahead and give you the brief summary of each episode straight from the Parenthood website. They’re much more brief, it will save me time and I can focus on telling you what I learned! I’ll go into more detail as I explain my findings. This week on...

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Katy Perry on Sesame Street

Pinky is obsessed with Sesame Street; and of course Elmo is her favorite Muppet. This evening, a story caught my attention: Katy Perry singing a revamped version of her hit single, “Hot ‘N Cold” with Elmo. Great match up, Mommy loves Katy Perry and Pinky loves Elmo! I was excited, but then came the controversy. The...

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Parenthood: I HEAR YOU, I SEE YOU

I’m a little lazy today so here is the episode review from the website. It might be a good idea to watch the first season which is now available on DVD and this episode online just for your reference. I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Adam’s overwhelmed by family needs and increasing demands at work from ...

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