First Words…

Although studies show that the words coming out of a baby’s mouth are meaningless at this age (6 months), I am convinced that Pinky’s first word is MAMA! YESsss! I am loving it. She is a smart cookie, and a tough one too! She’s been saying variations of Mama for a while,  such as mum, mam, etc. but without purpose. Okay, I take it back, maybe her first word was Bob. This past Saturday, Pinky woke up to Daddy picking up her yellow Sponge Bob cup Grandma bought for her. I then woke up to her saying, BOB! WTH? I looked at Daddy and said, “did she just say BOB!?” It was so hilarious. She doesn’t even watch the Sponge Bob show, at least not to my knowledge. I mean, I know Uncle let her watch it one time…but anyway, the important thing is that she said Mama all day and everyday since then!Her first word was Mama!

I know it’s only Tuesday, but she is always saying Mama with purpose – while moving towards me, reaching her arms out to me, and glaring those darling eyes at me. I am totally in love with it. However; I will admit, that I do feel a little bad for Daddy. She said baba once too and she doesn’t even drink a bottle! I know she’ll come around to all things Daddy very soon, until then Pinky is definitely a Mama’s Girl!

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